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    Celebrate International Sushi Day on June 18th with Fresh and Flavorful Delights, Curated by Eighty6 eProcurement

    On June 18th sushi lovers around the world come together to celebrate International Sushi Day – a special time that honors the artistry and flavors of Japanese cuisine. When it comes to exploring the significance of International Sushi Day, it is important to consider how Eighty6 eProcurement simplifies the sourcing process of fresh ingredients, making your sushi feast one to remember.

    The Joy of International Sushi Day:

    International Sushi Day is a celebration of sushi's global popularity and the skills of sushi chefs around the world. It's an opportunity to indulge in a variety of sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri, and appreciate the cultural heritage and flavors of each bite. Whether you're a sushi enthusiast or new to this culinary delight, International Sushi Day offers an exciting opportunity to explore the world of sushi.

    Streamlining with Eighty6 eProcurement:

    To create an exceptional sushi experience, sourcing fresh and high-quality ingredients is essential. This brings us to EightySix eProcurement – the platform that simplifies sourcing for restaurants and sushi establishments, connecting owners with trusted suppliers and ensuring access to the best seafood, authentic Japanese ingredients, and sushi essentials.

    Access to Trusted Suppliers:

    With Eighty6’s curated network of suppliers, you can easily find reputable seafood suppliers who offer a variety of sushi-grade fish, including tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. Their commitment to quality ensures that you have access to the finest ingredients, allowing you to serve sushi that exceeds your customers' expectations.

    Simplified Ordering and Inventory Management:

    Eighty6's user-friendly eProcurement system simplifies the ordering process. Chefs and restaurant owners can browse available products, compare prices, and place orders with just a few clicks. The platform's real-time inventory updates allow you to check ingredient availability, ensuring that you can plan your sushi menu accordingly. This streamlined approach saves time, reduces errors, and enhances operational efficiency.

    Enhancing Culinary Creativity:

    With the convenience of Eighty6's e Procurement, sushi establishments can focus on their culinary creativity. From classic rolls to inventive fusion creations, they can explore a wide range of sushi ingredients, such as nori, rice vinegar, wasabi, and soy sauce to craft unique and flavorful combinations that delight their customers.

    Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing:

    In addition to fresh and high-quality ingredients, EightySix also values sustainability and responsible sourcing. With EightySix’s network of suppliers, you can find sustainable seafood options that align with your commitment to environmental conservation, providing an ethical dining experience for sushi lovers.


    This June 18th , let's celebrate International Sushi Day by indulging in the flavors and artistry of this beloved cuisine. Thanks to Eighty6‘s e Procurement, sourcing fresh, high-quality ingredients for your sushi feast has never been easier. From sushi-grade fish to essential ingredients, EightySix empowers restaurants to enhance their culinary creativity and provide their customers exceptional sushi experiences. Embrace International Sushi Day with Eighty6‘s and let your sushi offerings shine. Happy International Sushi Day!

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