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    Our innovative AI Inbox feature automatically inputs orders into your dashboard or application, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Free up your time! Reduce Mistakes!

    Unlock the potential of data-driven sales with Eighty6. Gain access to your catalogues and promotions, arm your sales team with data, and empower them to better serve their customers needs and sell more!

    Eliminate manual order-taking to save time and prevent order errors. Enjoy seamless integrations, valuable data, and insightful analytics.

    Gain access to LIVE data across all orders, reduce data entry points, and streamline restaurant communications. Start optimizing with Eighty6 today!

    Welcome to Eighty6, your premier SaaS, B2B FoodTech platform utilizing AI to transform and elevate the procurement and sales processes in the food industry. Our cutting-edge platform is designed to streamline and digitize your operations, bringing unprecedented efficiency and intelligence to every transaction. Why Choose Eighty6 ? Join us at Eighty6 as we redefine the […]

    Automate your order-taking processes and upgrade your F&B sales with Eighty6 Sales & Ordering Software Solution. 🚀 AI Driven Eighty6 empowers: ✨ – Digitization of orders received via: Whatsapp, text emails. – ZERO manual inputs & follow-up – LIVE data & KPIs for optimized decision-making – ERP integration – Streamlined catalogue & inventory – Increased […]

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